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domenica 16 aprile 2017

Durden: Sospesa la creazione di nuove “azioni” JNUG per carenza di sottostante (azioni di piccoli miners per lo piu’ in oro)

JNUG ha sospeso giovedi’ sera la creazione di “unita’” o “azioni” (! .. ed e’ crollato del 10% venerdi’, con l’oro a nuovi massimi da mesi! ... l’impressione che ho io e’ che le cose stiano funzionando al contrario, invece di essere il JNUG che “mimics” il GDXJ ormai, o in questo caso, e’ il JNUG che muove il GDXJ ! )

Zero Hedge - Junior Gold Miner ETF Suspends Creation Orders Due To Shortage Of Underlying Instruments 
(...) While details are scarce, according to Direxion, the 3x levered cousin of the GDXJ, announced on Thursday after the close, that "effective immediately, daily creation orders in the Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X Shares leveraged exchange traded fund (Ticker: JNUG) are temporarily suspended until further notice."  
The stated reason: suspension is due to the limited availability of certain investments or financial instruments used to provide requisite exposure to the MVIS Global Junior Gold Miners Index. Redemption orders for the Fund will not be affected, and will continue to be accepted in the ordinary course of business.

As a reminder, ETF shares are created when an “authorized participant” deposits a daily “creation basket” (or cash) with the ETF. An authorized participant is typically a large institutional investor, such as a broker-dealer, that enters into a contract with an ETF to allow it to create or redeem shares directly with the fund. The authorized participant does not receive compensation from the ETF or the ETF sponsor for creating or redeeming ETF shares. Meanwhile, "a creation basket" is a specific list of names and quantities of securities or other assets that may be exchanged for shares of the ETF. The creation basket typically either mirrors the ETF’s portfolio or contains a representative sample of the ETF’s portfolio. The contents of the creation basket are made publicly available on a daily basis. 
In return for the creation basket or cash (or both), the ETF issues to the authorized participant a “creation unit,” a large block of ETF shares (generally 25,000 to 200,000 shares). The authorized participant can either keep these ETF shares or sell some or all of them on a stock exchange. 
For whatever reason, as of Thursday the above process for JNUG is now halted, and as Direxion notes, "should demand exceed supply during the period that creation units are limited, the fund could trade at a premium to its net asset value (NAV). This suspension does not impact the ability of investors to trade shares of the fund on stock exchanges." 
And while this makes intuitive theoretical sense, what may be really going on here practically? 
There is no immediate answer. (...)  
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mosfet Apr 15, 2017 3:10 PM

Anyone who thinks that going from an unlimited supply of paper to a finite supply/demand model is bearish, shouldn't be holding physical either. That said, when Direxion eventually resumes unlimited share creation, the price will snap back.

This is what happened to TVIX when they suspended share creation... a 89% price increase vs other Vix ETF's 
That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see JNUG dip early Monday, to scare as many weak hands out before the rally starts. Although share creation for JDST won't be suspended (i.e. you could see both go up at times), I'd be very worried about being short going into next week, given a finite supply of JNUG, Gold in an uptrend with economic/war risks. Unsure how this will affect GDXJ or GDX (which GDXJ holds a large stake in) but my guess is that it'll be bullish for both because a rapid price increase in JNUG will likely bring in momentum traders. 
BTW The chart above, where ZH shows shares outstanding vs price is plain biased. They intentionally used a multi-year chart across a sustained Gold bear market; knowing full well that 3X ETF price always decays substantionally over a multi-year timespan. If you used a YTD chart it'd present a different picture - The number of shares falling well below current JNUG price. i.e Increasing scarcity with a sudden suspension of unlimited shares available for purchase. You do the math.

Al Huxley Apr 15, 2017 5:11 PM

Fully agree with your assessment, except for the possibility of JNUG dipping Monday. They did the dip on Thursday, the announcement being conveniently after market close and before a long weekend, and I think this explains the otherwise inexplicable weakness of the juniors on Thursday when the action in gold and the pop on Wednesday would have dictated a strong continuation rally on Thursday.
Never underestimate the amount of fuckery that goes on in this sector. All those JNUG shares, now the ONLY JNUG shares - bet you most are owned by appropriately connected insiders. The whole fucking junior (and senior for that matter) market could be bought up by one or two ultrawealthy 'investors' ( or shitheads, as I prefer to call them). So the 'market' moves contrary to any reasonable expectations, with the sole aim of fucking over the earnest, honest retail investor, and the typically less earnest, honest 'goldbug speculator', screwing them on the way up and down. 
But someday (maybe it's now) these cunts are going to pull the trigger and let the whole sector run (after they've bought it up) and then there are going to be some fireworks.
mosfet Apr 16, 2017 5:47 AM

To offer some insights...
JNUG/JDST are 3x derrivatives of GDXJ. NUGT/DUST are 3x derrivatives of GDX. At 'this' level these leveraged ETF's don't mix so that speculators can pick their poison. 
JNUG is heavily day traded and represents 53% of GDXJ's inflows/outflows.   So much so that GDXJ is having serious trouble keeping up with the volume.   i.e 'they' have to actually purchase & sell those shares every day while JNUG just buys options/futures on the single ETF it leverages  To bring more liquidity to their ETF, GDXJ now holds their own large cap ETF (GDX) as a top holding. 
JNUG, JDST, NUGT & DUST are SERIOUSLY distorting and damaging the entire Gold & Silver mining sector in ways that didn't exist back in the 2011 Gold bull market. Because of these 3x leveraged ETF's, top holdings of GDXJ get slammed around daily by day traders, while the miners not held by or at the bottom end, languish in obscurity (even if they're execellent picks). Regular rotation of these holdings also makes for unpredictible returns. For example, GDXJ might pickup a miner you own while Gold is in a down-trend and shit all over it. Then drop your miner once Gold turns around. Or vice versa if you're lucky. 
Whether you like it or not, virtually the entire PM mining sector is now the bitch of these 4 ETF's. So if you hold any individual miner, make it your business to know the stake GDXJ or GDX has in it; and at what point in Gold or Silver cycle they hold it. Real investing is neither simple nor straight forward...and a lot of risk-on, bull market chasing, lemming investors are going to find that out the hard way. 
FYI beware of UGLD, DGLD, USLV & DSLV as well. Their movements tend to underperform their decay so are only useful for large short-term moves in Gold & Silver. 

GDXJ - Top Holdings:


Alamos Gold Inc 6,17%
B2Gold Corp 4,90%
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF 4,88%
Iamgold Corp 4,58%
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd 3,86%
Pretium Resources Inc 3,65%
Regis Resources Ltd 3,21%
Endeavour Mining Corp 3,18%
Silver Standard Resources Inc 3,02%
Torex Gold Resources Inc 2,88%
tutta la lista qui (da diverse percentuali rispetto a qui sopra!):

JNUGTop Ten Holdings 
Iamgold Corp   6.60 %
Alamos Gold Inc   5.97 %
Pretium Resources Inc   4.31 %
Silver Standard Resources Inc   4.05 %
Regis Resources Ltd   3.99 %
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd   3.64 %
Centerra Gold Inc   3.60 %
Torex Gold Resources Inc   3.47%
Novagold Resources Inc   3.40 %
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd   3.39 %

Pero’ se il GDXJ e’ un ETF non a leva e quindi ha per il 96% dei suoi asset azioni dei miners del suo basket, il JNUG - a leva3 - ha azioni dei suddetti miners (un 43% secondo Morningstar) ma soprattutto altro, direi opzioni e futures, scommesse insomma ... 

Cosa succedera’ ora? MAH! Spero abbia ragione quello che ricorda un evento simile nel TVIX nel 2012, che dopo la sospensione della creazione di nuove unita’ quasi raddoppio’ nelle settimane dopo .. per crollare quando la creazione fu riattivata. Nel caso e’ la volta che mi libero di sto JNUG e mai piu’ ricomprare un ETF a leva se non per un giorno o poco piu’, e se in rosso vendere in rosso subito entro quella finestra temporale. E anche gli ETF in generale sono bestie pericolose, come tutto il resto. 

Me lo merito, proprio io a pastrocchiare con 'ste trappole! ;D  

Ok, va bene speculare un po’ ma occhio, il METALLO FISICO UBER ALLES e il resto solo proprio se l’ha ordinato il dottore e sempre con la piena consapevolezza che si sta giocando col fuoco. 

Ha ragione, temo, il commentatore su ZH che dice che anche solo pochi anni fa, coi metalli ai massimi nel 2011, questi ETF manco esistevano ed ora sono diventati popolarissimi e influentissimi sull’intero mercato dei miners, in pratica "tutto il mercato e’ diventato la puttana di questi 4 ETF”, come dice il tipo.

Ah, fra l’altro il 1 maggio ci sara’ uno split 4 a 1 del JNUG (che non dovrebbe cambiare nulla, in se. Si spera)


Uh! Apertura postpasquale a 1295, zona criticISSIMA della ormai famosa trendline di lungo periodo (2011-oggi) ....


Aggiornamento: ma di bene in meglio! /sarc

Bezek (SeekingAlpha) -  Too Big: Gold Mining Juniors ETF Shows Cracks In Indexing Model
(...) GDXJ will be making a massive and sure-to-be-messy portfolio reallocation in June. According to BMO Capital Markets' research, GDXJ will add roughly 18 new component names in June. BMO suggests that GDXJ will sell more than half of its current holdings - roughly $3 billion worth - in order to fund the new positions
This is a tragedy for ETF holders. For one, you are hit with significant tax consequences of an ETF engaging in such a high rate of portfolio turnover. Additionally, arbitrage traders are able to take advantage of forced shifts in ETF positioning by buying the new additions and shorting the deletions. With GDXJ having such huge positions, it makes it an easy target for algo-trading shops. (...)

A giugno il GDXJ si mettera' a vendere meta’ dei suoi “componenti” per aggiungerne nel contempo altri 18 di nuovi. In pratica inonderanno il mercato con azioni dei miners del loro basket per tirar su cash per comprare azioni di altri, pare, 18 miners, allargando cosi' la propria “base”, diversificando di piu’ il proprio basket.

Facile immaginare crolli dei miners gia; ora nel loro basket visto che di alcuno hanno ormai grosse fette. E al contempo, a sapere quali sarebbero questi 18, non pare difficile immaginare che le loro quotazioni saliranno quando arriveranno i miliardi del fondo a comprare. 

Una storia quasi incredibile, molto educativa.

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  1. Dai, se si parla di ETF azionari di società che più o meno conosci, con commissioni ragionevoli senza leva, è roba tranquilla, magari anche più di un'obbligazione siccome diversificata mentre l'obbligazione no. Poi certo, per essere sicuri, meglio del fisico non si può :-P

    1. ecco, il concetto e’ quello, che non mi si venga a dire che ho portato alla perdizione della gente ;D .. sia chiaro che 'ste robe sono rischiose. Il fatto stesso che abbia aperto questo blog per sensibilizzare gli italiani sull’importanza storica dei metalli in questo frangente storico e’ dovuta, anche, all’esistenza di robette pericolose ed imprevedibili come gli ETF, oltre ai CDS, a tutto il mercato dei derivati, la bolla mondiale dei debiti, ecc..

  2. E oggi il JNUG e il GDX hanno continuato a fare skifo. Sigh.

    Guardate che roba. Ai primi di maggio 2016 l’oro sta dove sta ora, poco sotto i 1300 usd.oz.

    E il JNUG allora quotava sui 17-18.

    Oggi sta sui 6 e spicci (!!!), quasi UN TERZO.



    alla faccia del genio che mi diede del coglione settimane fa per il mio primo post sul JNUG delle merdaviglie e che diceva che andava tutto bene, ero un pirla io, e il JNUG era uno degli ETF meno soggetto a decay. Le risate (amare purtroppo, per ora)

  3. Gold and silver were rallying on Sunday evening on the increasing geopolitical risks.

    However, volumes overall were light today, as several overseas exchanges remained closed and traders off work after the long holiday weekend.

    And so the metals were sold, and stocks rallied on more puffery and nonsense.

    Have a pleasant evening.


  4. hehe :D

    Idea Trading - Analisi Silver - giugno 2016

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    Se facessimo una proiezione dello stesso pattern grafico dividendo sempre nelle 2 fasi, avremmo una prima fase di accumulo iniziata a dic. 2015 dall'area di 13,64 usd l'oncia che dovrebbe concludersi verso ott. 2017 a quota 30 usd l'oncia e una seconda fase di rialzo più violento che da nov. 2017 dovrebbe portare al target di area 78 usd l'oncia per giu. 2018.

    Buon Trading.